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UMUTANGUHA currently offers the following Savings products: 

(i) Voluntary Savings Passbook Account: It is meant to attract the unbanked to become

members of the Union without vigorous requirements and procedures of opening an

account found in commercial banks.  There is no minimum balance required.


(ii) Current account: is accessible any time and has minimum balance of 1,000RWF. The

product was designed for MSEs clients to introduce them to formal banking operations as

well as provide safe and means to save and manage cash flow of their businesses in

general and money in particular.  Because it is a demand account, it is non-interest




(iii) Term deposits: 3-9 months and 9-12 months maturity; bears interest of 6% p.a. up to 10% p.a. if the deposit is over 1 million RWF. 


(iv) Saving for specific project product is designed to meet specific target of the clients businesses such as trade, restaurant,

saloons, vans, equipments for business improvement, etc.  It is available for 6, 9, 12 months.  Interest rate of 6% p.a. is paid on

achieving the intended objective.  The message is “voluntary savings, saving for future, opportunity for investment, credit, acquisition

of assets.”



UMUTANGUHA has also designed the following additional financial service products especially for the youth (male and female) tailored

to meet their needs identified in the Market Research.


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A.Youth Demand Account “TANGIRA KARE”


=>No minimum balance,

=> no monthly fees and

=>the account can be opened with as little as RWF 100.




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B.Youth Term & Purpose Account “IHIRWE”.


The product is designed for the Youth to save substantially for a specific purpose and the

product is a graduation from TANGIRA KARE. 


The target age segment is 18-35 years.  It is an interest bearing account.